LHR Studio - Personal Hair Salon in Newport Beach, CA

LHR Studio - Personal Hair Salon in Newport Beach, CA LHR Studio - Personal Hair Salon in Newport Beach, CA

Thinning Hair Prevention

LHR Studio - Personal Hair Salon in Newport Beach, CA

LHR Studio specializes in thinning hair prevention. When a man or woman begins to lose their hair, the image in the mirror no longer matches the internal self-image developed over many years. This can be disturbing since we pretty much feel the same as before. Hair loss does not affect our physical health but it does make us look older.

Laser Therapy

LHR Studio - Personal Hair Salon in Newport Beach, CA

LHR implements the first FDA approved laser light therapy treatment before and during the middle stages of hair loss with a client satisfaction of greater than 90%. This proactive gentle light treatment is safe and nourishing providing positive effects within 12 weeks or less of thicker, fuller, and healthier hair.

Hair Attachments/Extensions

LHR Studio - Personal Hair Salon in Newport Beach, CA

Do you wish you had the kind of glamorous hair you've seen on models, celebrities and your favorite stars? Do you have thinning hair caused by medication, age or thyroid? Or hair that never grows to the length you want and you've tried hair extensions but couldn't stand the discomfort – let alone the expense – then we have the product you've been looking for! Or maybe your hair was too thin to cover the extension – we've got you covered there too. You can add highlights, color and volume to your hair – without damage or long term commitment and it's affordable and looks amazing! Hair extensions and hair pieces snap in and out easily and instantly without costly damage to your hair or wallet. If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you've come to the right place!

In addition to the clip-on extensions, LHR Studio also features a bonded, non-damaging extension that is particularly suitable for women with fine, thinning hair. These light-weight extensions remain in the hair for up to 8 weeks. They are a patented, groundbreaking new system of hair extensions utilizing a revolutionary adhesive technology that binds securely and easily to the client's natural hair. They can be applied in less than half the time with none of the tools and all of the comfort and beautiful results in under an hour.

Hair Integration

LHR Studio - Personal Hair Salon in Newport Beach, CA

Unlike the more dramatic manifestations of hair loss found in Alopecia, sometimes a woman will face a simple thinning of the hair, either in a localized area or throughout her scalp. In these instances, a full wig may not be needed. Telogen Effluvium, also known as Temporary Hair Loss, can be caused by traumatic experiences, crash diets, iron deficiencies and fever related illnesses. Telogen Effluvium is a common type of hair loss caused when a large percentage of normal, growing hairs (Anagen Phase) suddenly shift into the resting (Telogen Cycle) phase and, several months later, shed. This condition, which is marked by an overall thinning of the hair, is reversible by finding and stopping its cause. To address the needs of women with thinning hair, LHR Studio has luxurious top of the head hair replacement systems and innovative pull-through augmentation solutions. Both systems are designed to blend in naturally with your own hair and are worn continuously.

Hair Replacement

LHR Studio - Personal Hair Salon in Newport Beach, CA

Wigs are available in synthetic and human hair. When choosing a wig, care requirements as well as individual circumstances in every day life have to be considered. The longer the hair, the more time-consuming is usually the care. Also, the material of a wig is crucial. LHR Studio is very familiar with the critical features of quality and ensuring a proper fit. We can either help you maintain your current hairstyle or assist you in finding a new, flattering look.

Compared to synthetic hair, human hair causes more customization and maintenance. Therefore, synthetic hair wigs are recommended for short-term hair replacement in chemotherapy, especially because synthetic hair is virtually indistinguishable from human hair, thanks to modern technology. Of course human hair wigs are a viable alternative also for short-term hair replacement. Subject to good care, they are a class by themselves and can thus meet individual emotional needs. An individual customization/cut is possible with both hair fibres (synthetic and human hair) .

LHR Studio specializes in replacing the hair of women who have lost it for reasons such as chemotherapy, alopecia or other medical issues. Your hair is one of the most defining aspects of your appearance. A healthy head of hair makes us look and feel attractive, youthful, and desirable. Your appearance directly affects your own self-image. Wanting to do something about hair loss is not just a matter of vanity, but the desire to look better and have a more pleasing appearance is a normal human attribute. Please consider the different steps we can apply to put you in a non-detectable, hair wellness program suited to fit your lifestyle. Know that there are many ways, using various densities and coverage, to create a gradual and natural head of hair. This, together with all natural products specifically designed for people with hair loss, will keep your hair and scalp healthy and strong.

LHR Studio - Personal Hair Salon in Newport Beach, CA LHR Studio - Personal Hair Salon in Newport Beach, CA LHR Studio - Personal Hair Salon in Newport Beach, CA

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