Do you wish you had the kind of glamorous hair you've seen on models, celebrities and your favorite stars? Do you have thinning hair caused by medication, age or thyroid? Or hair that never grows to the length you want and you've tried hair extensions but couldn't stand the discomfort – let alone the expense – then we have the product you've been looking for! Or maybe your hair was too thin to cover the extension – we've got you covered there too. You can add highlights, color and volume to your hair – without damage or long term commitment and it's affordable and looks amazing! Hair extensions and hair pieces snap in and out easily and instantly without costly damage to your hair or wallet. If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you've come to the right place!

In addition to the clip-on extensions, LHR also features a bonded, non-damaging extension that is particularly suitable for women with fine, thinning hair. These light-weight extensions remain in the hair for up to 8 weeks. They are a patented, groundbreaking new system of hair extensions utilizing a revolutionary adhesive technology that binds securely and easily to the client's natural hair. They can be applied in less than half the time with none of the tools and all of the comfort and beautiful results in under an hour.

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LHR is a professional non surgical hair replacement studio serving Newport Beach, Laguna Forest Hills, Orange County, Los Angeles, and surrounding areas.

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