Wigs are available in synthetic and human hair. When choosing a wig, care requirements as well as individual circumstances in every day life have to be considered. The longer the hair, the more time-consuming is usually the care. Also, the material of a wig is crucial. LHR is very familiar with the critical features of quality and ensuring a proper fit. We can either help you maintain your current hairstyle or assist you in finding a new, flattering look.

Compared to synthetic hair, human hair causes more customization and maintenance. Therefore, synthetic hair wigs are recommended for short-term hair replacement in chemotherapy, especially because synthetic hair is virtually indistinguishable from human hair, thanks to modern technology. Of course human hair wigs are a viable alternative also for short-term hair replacement. Subject to good care, they are a class by themselves and can thus meet individual emotional needs. An individual customization/cut is possible with both hair fibres (synthetic and human hair) .

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LHR is a professional non surgical hair replacement studio serving Newport Beach, Laguna Forest Hills, Orange County, Los Angeles, and surrounding areas.

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